Krsna-sangati – Meetings with Krsna

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Krsna-sangati is a third volume of “Krsna in Vrndavan” series written by Sivarama Swami. It is overflowing with pastimes of Shri Krishna that He manifested five thousand years ago. The focus of this book falls on the pastimes of Krishna where He repeatedly leaves and then again meets the residents of Vrindavan. Devotees always want to meet Krishna, but to increase their bliss and their love He repeatedly separates from them. However when the Lord and His pure devotees meet after extended periods of separation they both taste great happiness. But whether in separation or while meeting Krishna again, His associates always bathe in transcendental ecstasy.

This gallery contains all traditional, pencil on paper hand-drawn illustrations created by Tekla Huszár (Taralaksi Devi Dasi)