Are you a writer desiring to publish your new book, a musician on the verge of releasing your new album or just a creative person working on your own project that requires quality art illustrations? You are at the right place! We offer our illustration services and are here to help you make your project stand out of the crowd.

We are open to illustration commissions for various media: children’s story books, general, educational or religious editions, magazines, eBooks, websites, blogs, tutorials or any other media that requires an artist’s touch. We would be glad to assist you on your project! To use our illustration services please contact us through an Enquiry Form and do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates.

The pages of this gallery are a showcase of a hand drawn, traditional, pencil on paper illustrations that were created and published in various books. We encourage you to explore each and every book title and have a closer look at the details by clicking on the thumbnails to enlarge the images.

Inspiration to create these illustrations came from Lal Publishing group and His Holiness Srila Sivarama Swami who have kindly engaged us in this service of illustrating wonderful pastimes of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna and Their devotees.