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Syama Art (pronounced as Shyama Art) consists of two and a half creative personalities who just love art and built their lives around it.  Syama Art has got its name in South Africa in December 2007  and is inspired by Eastern culture and philosophy. Our goal is to develop and maintain unique cultural and artistic presentation, create the best quality art items that can change lives and inspire people for a new adventure.

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There are many ways to engage us:


Illustration would usually include any genres or art styles. It can be done in the similar painterly manner traditionally or digitally. It can also be a pencil drawing or a piece of art created in a 3D application.

Photography can come handy too, if you are looking for life scenes.

Illustrations are used to enhance and assist in understanding of any text descriptions, be it a children’s book or a technical data sheet. Any web content, stationary, packaging, branding, game, film or animation would include illustration elements. Almost anything you come in touch with would have some sort of art accompanying it.

So next time when you are thinking of adding an artistic touch to your project you would know where to look for

Giclée and Prints on Canvas

There are plenty of local and global service providers that offer quality printing services to print art. Some of them are bound by size limitation yet others would offer a wider spectrum to choose from.

In any case, we are the creators of the original art work and all the rest is done by the company of our choice to provide you its high quality reproduction.

Custom-made Art and Décor Items

Here we offer you an opportunity to live your dreams!

A great idea have stroke you, but how would you make it come true? You browse through the shelves of specialty shops and approach professionals who specialize in certain field. But since it is so unique no one is there to help you realize it.

We design and create custom-made art items according to your needs. It can be a small decorative box, a frame, an altar, sanctuary or a complex piece with mouldings and carvings in a variety of sizes and materials.

Restoration Work

If you are in a possession of something valuable that happened to have a time mark on it – we are the ones to help you.

It is not unusual to see interesting and intricate items turn up in our workshop. It can be an antique brass sculpture or a stone carved Deity. Sometimes we see expert wood carving or a piece made in paper-mache that needs real attention.

We fix and carve, drill and fill, sand, polish and paint those precious items to give them that missing exclusive look and lustre.


You can either choose from our list of available sculptures and bas-reliefs or you can order your own piece according to your vision and needs. Our sculptural works are done in a variety of sizes and materials and most of them are reproducible through a silicone mould and a resin cast.

There are many occasions when we take on a task of creation of a unique once off pieces which are completely custom-made.

Although we can work with wood, it is not our main specialty and therefore sculptures carved in this material are rear but not imposable.

We do not carve stone or cast metal though.

Popular genres in this category:

  • Full sculpture
  • Bas-reliefs
  • Mouldings and other decorative elements
  • Interior design and decoration
  • Theatre and film props
  • Function & wedding props and décor

Digital Sculpture

Similar to our digital painting category we can create a 3D sculptural content with an assistance of pressure sensitive stylus and graphic tablet.

Software of our choice is Pixologic ZBrush which allows us to mould and texture shapes in the way you would usually do in a traditional media, like modelling clay for example.

A complete 3D sculpture can be used in most 3D environments, illustrations, interior design and visualizations, motion pictures, animation or games.

3D printing is an option if you prefer to have a hard copy of the item.

3D Design and Visualizations

If you ever wanted to rearrange your living space but were not sure if the idea would look appealing and comfortable when complete. Or maybe you wanted to see how your new product would look like before it is manufactured, then this is a time to use our 3D Design and Visualizations services.

Software of our choice is SketchUp Pro and V-ray for creation of precision 3D models and visualizations. Blue-prints and photo-realistic images can be produced to help you visualize the space and assist you on your project.

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